#DidYouJustAssumeMyGender… History of Social Media

It’s 2017 and the world is a more open and accepting environment than ever before. Discrimination and hate do still exist but progress has been made in the direction of gender, sexuality and race equality. In the film industry, for example, there are more female protagonists, people of colour, and those whose gender is nonbinary nor their sexual orientation exclusively heterosexual. Moreover, it has become a social media trend (specifically in tweets and memes) to discuss issues of equality including the use of the phrase “Did you just assume my gender” as illustrated with this Wonder Woman meme.


 The meme depicts Wonder Woman interacting with a man for the first time. When she acknowledges and questions that he is a man, he claps back with the iconic phrase “Did you just assume my gender?”. The phrase has become popular following societal education regarding whether gender is non-binary and/or a social construct. It also examines how sex is determined at birth but an individual should determine gender for themselves. Therefore, just because outwardly someone may appear female/male one shouldn’t assume as such; they could be transgender or their gender may be ambiguous. While this meme might be funny to some, it could potentially be offensive to others and raises the question; how much is too much? If anyone can respond this, to any comment regarding gender, will society still function the same? Bathrooms would be redesigned… and what would happen to languages that use gendered pronouns? This alternative meme of the Titanic comically examines exactly that…



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